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You no longer have to worry about leaving your furry friends at home when you’re staying the night in Downtown Las Vegas. Oasis is one of the few Las Vegas Downtown hotels that allows guests to bring up to two dogs at a combined weight of 100 pounds per room. $50 is added on to your resort fee for each dog. For the pet owner’s’ convenience, pups are provided a dog bowl.

Guests also receive a discounted rate at the Hydrant Club, an urban dog park located around the corner from Oasis Hotel Las Vegas where canines can frolic and play on the grass with other four-pawed pals.

Sorry Sparky, even though you’re 21 in doggie years and have an ID to prove it, you’re still not allowed in the pool or bar areas. Dogs must be on leashes at all times when outside of the crash pads. If you have any questions regarding the Oasis Hotel Las Vegas puppy policy or need some spare plastic baggies, please call 702.768.9823.

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