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Finding cheap Hotel Rooms in Las Vegas

For many individuals, one of the more popular destinations for weekend getaways is Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, you’ll find that hotel and motel rooms are considerably more expensive on Fridays and Saturdays than the other 5 nights of the week.  So, if you’re looking for accommodations that are more budget-friendly, you’ll want to avoid staying on The Strip and visit during the week rather than the weekend.  So how do you find cheap rooms in Las Vegas? Rent a room at the Oasis at Gold Spike Hotel.

Choose your Dates carefully

While there really isn’t what you’d call a peak season in Las Vegas, the city tends to get extremely busy during Christmas and New Year’s as well as Spring Break.  There are also certain events to contend with such as business conferences or large shows.  The prices of hotel and motel rooms typically increase during these times, so it is best to check on prices during these times.  Despite the fact that motels are less expensive, you might want to spend a little extra so you can enjoy the amenities of a hotel.

Hotel accommodations are usually more luxurious and offer more amenities such as fitness centers, room service, spas, Wi-Fi, and more.  Consequently, you’ll often read or see advertisements about deals for cheap rooms in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, in some cases, you’ll end up having to take two bus rides or walk a long distance to get to where the action is.  Not so when you stay at the Oasis at Gold Spike Hotel.  We are located on Las Vegas Blvd. and are in walking distance to several casinos.

Do some Comparison Shopping of Room Rates

Although you may have chosen a hotel and booked a good date for your stay, you could find that prices for the same room vary depending on whose advertisement you hear or read.  Consequently, it’s a good idea to do some comparison shopping when trying to find the best hotel room rates.  Searching the different online booking sites and even a hotel’s website is recommended.  If the prices are similar, booking directly with the hotel is usually worth it as many hotels have loyalty programs for discounts and freebies.

How to find the best Bargains

If you want to have an enjoyable time without breaking the bank, here are some helpful tips for finding cheap rooms in Las Vegas:

  • Book your room Sunday through Thursday nights and avoid the weekends.
  • Compare similar rooms and amenities at several hotels.
  • Consider staying downtown instead of on The Strip.
  • If the hotel offers a rewards program, sign up for it (it could save you even more money in the long run).
  • Most importantly, if you want to get the best value for your money and experience the older Las Vegas atmosphere (or what once was considered the norm), stay downtown at the Oasis at Gold Spike Hotel.

We understand that your budget might be a hindrance to stay at a posh Strip hotel, but at our boutique hotel, we offer the best amenities at the most affordable prices. For more information about cheap rooms in Las Vegas or to book a hotel room for your next visit to Las Vegas, call the Oasis at Gold Spike Hotel at (702) 553-2553 today.