Fremont Street Las Vegas hotels

Enjoying the Fremont Street Experience

Known for many years as “Glitter Gulch”, the Fremont Street Experience or FSE is a popular pedestrian mall and tourist attraction in the heart of downtown Las Vegas.  It occupies the 5 westernmost blocks along Fremont Street and sections of several other adjacent streets.  The FSE’s primary attraction is the 90-foot tall, 1,375-foot-long barrel vault canopy.  Although the city is known for never turning off its outdoor casino lights, every show starts by turning all the lights off beneath the canopy.  Plus, with the many Fremont Street Las Vegas hotels, finding accommodations is never a problem.

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A Brief History of Fremont Street

In 1906, the Hotel Nevada (now the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino) was the first of many to be built on Fremont Street.  Furthermore, Fremont Street was the first paved street in Las Vegas (1925).  In 1932, the first elevator was installed in the Apache Hotel while the city’s first high-rise – the Fremont Hotel – opened in 1956.  The Horseshoe was the city’s first carpeted casino while the Golden Nugget became the first building constructed from the ground up as a casino.

Prior to the development of The Strip, Fremont Street was the iconic Las Vegas scene, especially when it came to movies and TV shows.  You’ll find many famous casinos on Fremont Street including:

  • the Four Queens Hotel and Casino
  • the Fremont Hotel and Casino
  • the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino
  • the Golden Nugget

Many individuals consider these Fremont Street Las Vegas hotels and casinos as historical landmarks as well.

Key Features of the Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience covers a 6-block area running east to 8th Street from Las Vegas Blvd. and south to Carson Ave. from Ogden Street.  Furthermore, there’s no lack of attractions and things to do such as:

  • Golden Nugget’s 200,000-gallon shark aquarium – here you can watch different sizes and species of sharks from behind glass or on a guided tour hosted by one of the hotel’s marine biologists.
  • Neon Museum – if you’re a history buff or lover of retro, the Neon Museum has preserved and features some of the most iconic neon signs from Las Vegas’s history.  Signs from long gone casinos are a feature of the museum’s guided tour.
  • Pedestrian mall – created in September, 1994 when this area of Fremont Street was permanently closed to motor vehicle traffic, the pedestrian mall features light and sound shows and nightly free entertainment.
  • Slotzilla zip line – the launching tower is actually a 12-story slot machine (the largest in the world) and features an upper and lower zip line, both of which run through the Viva Vision light canopy.
  • Viva Vision canopy – as the world’s largest video screen, the Viva Vision canopy covers the promenade of the Fremont Street Experience, broadcasting vibrant light shows throughout the day and night.

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