Why should You stay at a Vintage Las Vegas Hotel?

Why should You stay at a Vintage Las Vegas Hotel?

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas and are searching for a more unique lodging experience rather than staying on The Strip, you might want to consider booking a room at one of the vintage Las Vegas hotels like the Oasis at Gold Spike Hotel.  As a vintage hotel in downtown Las Vegas, we provide numerous amenities that are not always found in the mega resort hotels and casinos on The Strip.  In many instances, a vintage hotel offers a historical perspective of the downtown area as well.

Characteristics of Historic or Vintage Hotels

Staying in downtown Las Vegas at a vintage hotel differs considerably from staying at one of the gigantic resort hotels on The Strip.  For one, you’ll often have the opportunity to stay in a hotel that features some historical significance.  Furthermore, these types of hotels tend to preserve many of their original characteristics and features within their guestrooms and public spaces.  Additionally, some vintage Las Vegas hotels are within walking distance of the casinos on Las Vegas Blvd.

While every effort is undertaken to maintain and preserve the historical facades and traditions of vintage hotels in the downtown area, the interiors have been modernized with amenities, conveniences, and safety features.  You can expect to find the same amenities that you would on The Strip; in some cases, even more.  Some of the more common amenities found in vintage hotels include:

  • shuttle and other travel services
  • concierge services
  • luxurious rooms with plenty of space
  • on-site exercise rooms and masseuse services
  • bar and restaurant services
  • hair styling and manicure salons
  • facials, mudrooms, saunas, and other spa services
  • valet laundry services and parking

You’ll also have air conditioning and heating, updated restroom facilities, and Wi-Fi as well.  When you reserve a room at one the vintage Las Vegas hotels in downtown such as the Oasis At Gold Spike Hotel, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be settling for less. But you enjoy a retro themed ambience, more fun and entertainment without the hustle and bustle of a big corporate chain hotel. 

Benefits of staying in a Vintage Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas

As you start researching your options for accommodations in the downtown Las Vegas area, you should consider staying at a vintage hotel rather than The Strip because of the following benefits you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • A memorable environment – vintage hotels have been designated as such to reflect and represent the time they initially opened.    This ensures that you’ll have a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • It’s a better value for the money – one of the most significant benefits of staying at the Oasis At Gold Spike Hotel is that it’s a much better value for the money compared to the resort hotels on The Strip.
  • Vintage Las Vegas hotels are often located in ideal locations – for example, the Oasis At Gold Spike Hotel is located on Las Vegas Blvd. and is conveniently located near bars, restaurants, and a handful of casinos in the heart of the downtown area.

For a memorable stay that includes exploring the Downtown Las Vegas apart from the adventure at The Strip, stay at Oasis at Gold Spike. For more information or to book a room, call us today at (702) 553-2553 or, if you prefer, send us a message by clicking here.