Understanding the Boutique Hotel Experience

Understanding the Boutique Hotel Experience

Whether you’re going on vacation or traveling for work, one of your most important considerations is the type of lodging accommodations you choose.  This is especially true when visiting Las Vegas and trying to select a hotel that best facilitates you and your family’s specific needs.  With over 150,000 hotel and motel rooms to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when making your decision.  Yet while the allure of the many casinos and gigantic resort hotels is the key attractant, many individuals often overlook a viable alternative, namely boutique hotels.

What is a Boutique Hotel?

Granted, booking a room with a popular hotel chain may be the traditional choice for many travelers and vacationers.  However, if you’re looking for something unique that exceeds your expectations, the boutique hotels Las Vegas experience may just be what you’re craving.  The term “boutique hotel” came about in the 1980’s and referred to its intimate size, personalized services, and stylish décor.  Today, establishments such as the Oasis At Gold Spike are ranked at the top of the “small boutique hotels in Las Vegas” list.

Décor and Design

One of the more common characteristics of boutique hotels is their unique décor and design or more specifically, their individualized aesthetics.  For example, some are designed for the total relaxation experience and feature a lobby with holistic charms, meditation areas, and soothing plants.  Conversely, others embrace a quaint or more rustic design.  Furthermore, there is nothing to suggest a “cookie cutter” design as every hotel’s interior has a different layout.


Unlike the major hotel chains that are often located for the traveler’s convenience or the resort hotels situated on The Strip, boutique hotels are usually located in fashionable urban areas or in the heart of a city’s cultural areas.  Although they are typically found off the main tourist paths, they are situated near local attractions.  However, you’ll often find hidden gems in remote locations that offer many features of a boutique hotel.

More Personalized Services

Major hotel chains offer more streamlined services such as complimentary breakfasts, exercise rooms, and indoor pools.  On the other hand, you’re likely to find the following boutique hotels amenities in Las Vegas at a boutique property:

  • airport, shuttle, and other travel services
  • concierge services
  • luxurious, spacious rooms
  • numerous complimentary amenities
  • on-site masseuse
  • restaurant and bar services
  • salon services such as hair styling and manicures
  • spa services that may include facials, a mudroom, a sauna, and more
  • valet laundry and parking

To learn more about the small boutique hotels services in Las Vegas we offer, send Oasis At Gold Spike a message or call us. 

3 Reasons Boutique Hotels appeal to Travelers

Boutique hotels offer their guests a more individualized point of view and provide a specific attitude that you won’t find in the mega resort hotels on The Strip.  As a result, there are 3 primary reasons that they appeal to many travelers:

  • Because of their individuality, they appeal to targeted communities.  Additionally, each boutique property features its own unique charm.  Therefore, travelers can search for properties that appeal to their specific needs and interests.
  • The more successful establishments, like the Oasis At Gold Spike, are what we refer to as “destinations within a destination.”  While we provide our guests with information tailored to the local area, we also offer a broad range of more personalized services and unique experiences.
  • They are tailored to their location, thereby providing their guests the opportunity for exploring nearby attractions and the local culture of the area.  For example, some may be high-end while others may be extremely trendy.

For many travelers and vacationers, the boutique hotels format in Las Vegas is the ideal lodging experience.  Needless to say, it’s the perfect compromise if you don’t have the budget for a 5-star resort hotel but still want your own private space. With well-equipped rooms to being in the vicinity of The Strip, staying at Oasis at Gold Spike would be an memorable experience. 

Why should You stay at the Oasis At Gold Spike?

Traveling means leaving the comforts of home behind and venturing into the unfamiliar world of hotels and motels.  When you stay with us, we offer a chance to explore the Sin City. That includes visiting the Downtown Container Park, which is a beautiful open-air shopping center with cafes and live entertainment options. 

While the Fremont Street Experience is unique. The world’s largest video screen, Viva Vision features free shows all through the week while an extensive schedule of live entertainment and concerts. You’ll find Fremont East Entertainment District adjacent to it and hosts a bevy of cafes, restaurants and bars. Thus, there is so much to see and do that you’d be wanting to come back and enjoy the city again. 

Although your trip may be an adventure of sorts, a dilemma often arises – how far would you be willing to travel and not compromise your own comfort? Why not let us show you how the small boutique hotels experience in Las Vegas will make you feel right at home.  

For more information or to reserve a room today, call the Oasis At Gold Spike at (702) 553-2553.