4 One-of-A-Kind Las Vegas Shopping Venues You Don’t Want To miss

Whether it’s just browsing, getting birthday or holiday gifts for your loved ones, or taking advantage of an unexpected deal, you’ll have numerous opportunities to “shop until you drop” in Las Vegas. Thus, if you haven’t really gone on a shopping trip in Las Vegas, it is time to splurge and enjoy it now. The 4 following one-of-a-kind shopping venues are must see stops on your next trip to Las Vegas:

• Antique and Retro Shops – there’s no better venues for finding those rare treasures what you can find in the antique and retro shops situated on Main Street South. Located within the 18b Arts District just south of Charleston Boulevard, the area is filled with one-of-a-kind, quirky stops. The Antique Alley Mall situated on the northern end of Main Street South is probably the biggest draw in the area. There’s over 12,000 sq. ft. of antiques, collectables, retro styles, vintage fashion, and tons of other bargains while across the way there’s art and mid-century modern furniture at Retro Vegas.

• Downtown Container Park – this shopping mall was built entirely out of shipping containers. You can miss this Fremont and 7th Street venue thanks to the 40-foot tall, fire-breathing praying mantis that marks this location out front. The mall features a number of different venues including boutiques, live entertainment including free concerts and movies, and unique restaurants as well as plenty of photo opportunities. There’s even an interactive treehouse playground for the kids.

• Ferguson’s Downtown – numerous older properties on The Strip have long since been erased and replaced with mega-resorts and casinos. Fortunately, Downtown Las Vegas chooses to do things a bit differently and Ferguson’s Downtown is the perfect example of this. This retro property was once a 1940’s era motel that was transformed into a multi-use campus and complex situated on one of the vibrant cities blocks of the Fremont East District across the street from Atomic Liquor and 11th Street Records.

• Gold & Silver Pawn Shop – if you’ve watched the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars”, then you’re already familiar with this world-famous store. After its debut, it quickly became one of the highest-rated shows on the network. Visit 713 Las Vegas Blvd. South to watch all the fun and haggling inside the shop. The business was built by 3 Harrison family generations – Richard the grandfather, Rick the son, and Corey the grandson – and attracts droves of fans on an ongoing basis.

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