Helpful Parking Tips For Downtown Las Vegas

Parking in Downtown Las Vegas has been a hot topic of discussion over the past decade. At one time, there was plenty of free parking, but that is no longer the case. The difference between Downtown Las Vegas and The Strip is that most of the casinos and hotels on The Strip are going to charge you for parking, even if you’re a guest in some cases. Conversely, most hotels in the downtown area, such as the Oasis at Gold Spike will allow you to park for FREE. So you’ll want to consider this when deciding if you want to stay in Downtown Las Vegas or on The Strip.

Parking in the downtown area can be tricky at times and we certainly don’t want you to experience any hassles during your Downtown Las Vegas adventures. Here is a couple of helpful downtown parking tips that should make parking a hassle-free experience:

• Always pay attention to the signs – although you may find that parking in a parking garage is far more convenient, for a small fee, you can find parking in several areas on downtown’s side streets. If you do decide to park on one of the side streets, make sure you have a major credit card to use for payment as rarely any accept cash anymore. Know your parking times and observe the side street parking rules. The street parking regulations and rules vary from one area to the next. You’ll find that $1 per hour is the average side street parking fee.

• Pay attention to the time – if you need additional time to park, you may be able to use a convenient app on your phone at some stations. In other locations, you can add more parking time using the code on your machine-generated parking ticket. If you’re a first-timer to Las Vegas, you may find that parking can be a bit intimidating. However, when it comes to finding parking in Downtown Las Vegas, it’s a lot easier than what you’ll experience when parking on The Strip . . . and a lot cheaper, too.

Keep in mind that if you don’t want to hassle with parking, you have other options of getting to where you want to go such as Lyft and Uber. These options have become extremely popular as they offer visitors a cheap and convenient alternative to getting around Las Vegas. They are easy to use and can be called on 24/7, making commuting in Las Vegas easy and comfortable.

For your best lodging option in Downtown Las Vegas, make room reservations at the Oasis at Gold Spike by calling (702) 768-9823. Our vintage ambience, personalized services at the boutique hotel, makes it perfect for a short trip or a long vacation. Call now.

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