8 Well-Known Movies Filmed In Las Vegas

Apart from music, live shows and the glitzy charm of Sin City, believe it or not, the city of Las Vegas has been a popular movie setting in more than 100 films and numerous art pieces over the past 60 years. The glitz and glamour along with that “it could only happen in Las Vegas” vibe make the city an exciting location for filmmakers to apply their craft. There have even been remakes of popular movies so Las Vegas can be featured again as the storyline continues. Some of the more famous movies that were filmed in and around Las Vegas include:

• Casino (1995) – as one of Martin Scorsese’s best films, Robert De Niro stars in the lead role of a mobster running the city’s renowned Tangiers Casino. Filming actually took place in the Landmark and Riviera casinos.

• Jason Bourne (2016) – Matt Damon returns in his epic role of Jason Bourne in this 4th film of the franchise. The soon-to-be demolished Riviera Hotel and Casino was the setting for much of the film.

• Leaving Las Vegas (1995) – Nicolas Cage won an Oscar for this film that trades the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas for a grittier backdrop and has a darker feel to it.

• Ocean’s 11 (1960) – often referred to as the “original Las Vegas movie”, Ocean’s 11 featured the famous “Rat Pack” of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford, and Sammy Davis Jr..

• Ocean’s 11 (2001 remake) – surprisingly, the remake garnered more success than the original and featured a huge case of well-known celebrities including Bernie Mac, Brad Pitt, Carl Reiner, Casey Affleck, Don Cheadle, Elliot Gould, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Scott Caan.

• The Hangover, Parts I and III (2009 and 2013) – the film captures the go-all-out culture and party atmosphere as 4 friends plan a laid-back bachelor in Las Vegas that turns into total chaos before the film ends.

• Vegas Vacation (1997) – as the 4th installment in the Griswold’s Vacation franchise, the film features several casinos and other areas in Downtown Las Vegas.

• Viva Las Vegas (1964) – one of Elvis Presley’s most popular films paired him alongside Ann-Margret. The ending of the movie is filmed on location at the Little Church of the West, the oldest and still operating wedding chapel in Las Vegas.

With so many different filming locations to choose from, it’s no wonder that numerous filmmakers have chosen Las Vegas for the creation of their films. When exploring the storied history of Las Vegas, be sure to reserve your room at the Oasis at Gold Spike by calling (702) 768-9823 to make your reservations. Retaining the old-world charm, yet renovated with all modern luxuries, enjoy your stay with us. Call now.

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