5 Best Photo Spots in Downtown Las Vegas

Are you looking for unique spots to take photos and enhance your social media channels with vacation pictures? With a million flashing neon lights and an over-the-top reputation, Downtown Las Vegas is a hot spot for iconic, memory-making imagery that visitors want to capture while they spend time here. If you’re attracted to off-the-beaten-path unique backdrops versus The Strip and the other typical Las Vegas tourist traps, then Downtown Las Vegas is sure to provide the photo opportunities you’re looking for with these 5 best photo spots in Downtown Las Vegas:

• Container Park’s praying mantis – another photo-worthy spot in the Downtown area is the fire-breathing praying mantis at Container Park. Located only a few steps from the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino, this fun dining and shopping venue with all of its bars, restaurants, and stores were all constructed from repurposed shipping containers.

• Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival – nothing equals the photo-worthiness of downtown‘s magnificent murals and stunning street art that are painted for the Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival. For nearly a decade, Downtown Las Vegas has been transformed by a cultural resurgence and vibrant art scene thanks to this popular art, culinary, and music festival.

• Neon Museum’s historic La Concha Lobby – as one of downtown’s most popular destinations for locals and visitors alike, you’ll be able to experience a piece of vintage Las Vegas with its classic restored neon signs. What most people are unaware of is the fact that the Visitor’s Center of the museum is housed within the confines of the original La Concha Motel’s lobby.

• Pipe Dream at Symphony Park – international artist Tim Bavington is the creator of Pipe Dream, a captivating sculpture located near Symphony Park’s Smith Center for the Performing Arts. The piece was erected to commemorate Aaron Copland, American composer and conductor and is composition “Fanfare for the Common Man” (1942). Interestingly enough, each vertical pipe denotes a single note from the song which plays while vibrant colored lighting brings the piece of art to life.

• Pizza Rock’s semi-truck DJ booth – another creative yet unexpected photo opp is the cab of a semi-truck that’s parked inside Pizza Rock on 3rd Street. Its fire decals and shiny chrome hubcaps are somewhat of a contrast to the brick walls and savory Italian cuisine featured at this restaurant. But the semi’s “Tony G” license plate tells you it’s the home of Tony Gemignani, 11-time World Pizza Champion.

Now that you’ve spent your day snapping numerous Facebook and Instagram-worthy photos, be sure to check in at the Oasis at Gold Spike for the night. Call us today at (702) 768-9823 to make your reservations.

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