5 FAQs About Downtown Las Vegas

Many individuals, especially first-time visitors, have lots questions about Downtown Las Vegas before arriving. Since it’s only natural to be curious about a city that you’ve never been to before, we’ve listed some of the more common FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) about the downtown area to help familiarize you before traveling there.

Are there many casinos in Downtown Las Vegas? That depends on your definition of “many.” While there certainly aren’t as many as what you’d find along The Strip and its side streets, Downtown Las Vegas features 12 of the most historical casinos in the city, some of which are:

• Binion’s
• the California
• Four Queens
• the Fremont
• the Golden Gate
• the Golden Nugget
• Main Street Station

How far is it from The Strip to Downtown Las Vegas? There’s considerable debate about where The Strip starts and ends. However, it officially ends at Sahara Blvd. So from that point, you’re about a 1 or 2 minute walk from the border of Downtown Las Vegas. On the other hand, if you walk from the center of The Strip to the center of the downtown area, it will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

How old is Downtown Las Vegas? Downtown Las Vegas is the original city and was established in 1905 when 110 acres of land were auctioned off by the Union Pacific Railroad. This would be transformed into what is now the downtown area which was incorporated in June of 1911.

Is Downtown Las Vegas considered safe? Naturally, common sense must prevail no matter where you go in Las Vegas. However, the downtown area is safe, especially at the Fremont Street Experience where there are ongoing security patrols and security teams working in tandem with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. You can enjoy 24/7 live music and a whole range of activities.

Where is parking located in Downtown Las Vegas? The downtown area actually has more parking than what you might think. And compared to parking on The Strip, it’s dramatically cheaper. So, if you’re planning on seeing the Fremont Street Experience, the official parking garage is your best bet. Every casino in Downtown Las Vegas has a parking garage, most of which offer valet parking.

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