5 Fun Classes And Workshops To Consider When Visiting Las Vegas

When most people think about Las Vegas, food, gambling, and sunny days by the pool are usually the first things that come to mind. However, there’s another side of this city that few individuals think about when visiting Las Vegas. It may surprise you to learn that there are numerous opportunities for attending fun classes and workshops while visiting the city. Here are 5 to consider when visiting Las Vegas:

• Ballroom dancing classes – while you might be tempted to party at a popular Vegas nightclub, ballroom dancing classes will give you a different perspective on the dancefloor. These classes capture that vintage Las Vegas essence and enable you to enjoy a little piece of that era. Be sure to check out the Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Rhythms Dance Studio, and the Summerlin Dance Academy.

• Culinary and hosting classes at the Wynn – if you’re ready to test your culinary and hosting skills, master classes led by bakers, florists, mixologists, sommeliers, trained chefs, and more at the Wynn. Compared to the typical Las Vegas scene, this is one of those fun distractions that will enable you to develop and perfect certain skills you normally wouldn’t think about while you’re at home.

• Gaming lessons – if you’ve never played Blackjack or placed bets at a sportsbook, gambling can often be confusion and somewhat overwhelming. Don’t worry. You’re not alone where this is concerned. Consequently, there are a number of places that offer gambling classes and lessons for beginners. You’ll learn how to understand the rules, make bets, and just have a great time overall.

• Trapeze lessons – were you inspired by the acrobats and dancers of Cirque du Soleil? A private Las Vegas trapeze lesson will enable you to test your circus skills. You’ll get to train with professional trapeze artists while enjoying some high-flying action at the same time. Aerial art and trapeze schools are offered at Circus Circus, Trapeze High, Trapeze Las Vegas, and Xperience Days.

• Wine-making experience – Grape Expectations is not only a private winery in the city of Henderson, it’s the only winemaking school located in Clark County. The 4 hands-on winemaking classes offered allow you to get down and dirty with grapes from start to finish. You can spend two or three hours getting an inside view of the wine-making process and enjoy their free open house in the meantime.

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