5 Outstanding Must-See Las Vegas Museums

If there’s one thing you can say about Las Vegas, it goes way beyond ordinary so every visitor enjoys an exceptionally extraordinary and unique experience. When it comes to museums in Las Vegas, you won’t be disappointed. Whether it’s a history lesson that you’re craving or you just want to do something different while visiting Las Vegas, these 5 museums are a must-see for anyone who enjoys these types of venues:

• Las Vegas Natural History Museum – if you’re searching for a slice of history about the world’s magnificent natural wonders, you’ll appreciate and understand what our past and present have left for us. From the deserts to the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans, from the North Pole to Antarctica, from the times of the dinosaurs to present-day society, this museum caters to young and old while providing a global learning adventure. It is informative yet fun for all ages.

• Mob Museum – whether it’s Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, or “Lucky” Luciano, you’ll enjoy the original gangster’s most tight-lipped secrets without getting into trouble with the law. This beloved museum invites you to explore the “bad boy” life as well as that of the FBI agents who ended their careers. You’ll even be able to have someone take your mugshot while standing in front of a police line-up background.

• Neon Museum – it’s almost impossible to avoid all the neon in Las Vegas. But if you want to see a serious collection of some of the city’s most iconic signs, a visit to the Neon Museum is one of downtown’s must-see spots. This non-profit venue focuses entirely on the collecting, exhibiting, preserving, and studying these iconic signs for artistic, cultural, educational, and historic purposes.

• Pinball Hall of Fame – although the museum is closed for relocation purposes, it has provided visitors with a quaint, unconventional experience since opening over a decade ago. Once relocated, the Pinball Hall of Fame will feature an arcade that encompasses nearly 27,000 sq. ft. that includes between 600 and 700 pinball machines. There were only 250 in the original location.

• Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum – looking for a good old-fashioned scare, the Haunted Museum has exactly what you’re looking for. The museum was once the subject of an episode on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures and features an array of collectibles from other haunted sites. As the paranormal headquarters of the Mojave Desert, the Haunted Museum offers some harrowing tales of all occult and spiritualistic activity.

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