5 Ways To Enjoy A Rainy Day In Downtown Las Vegas

It’s no secret that Las Vegas doesn’t get much rain throughout the year. In fact, the average rainfall is about 5” per year, with February being the wettest month (4 days of rain totaling 0.76”). Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can enjoy in order to escape those “rainy” days in Downtown Las Vegas including:

• Bars and restaurants – getting rained on isn’t that enjoyable but having a few drinks and whetting your appetite proves to be a better endeavor. With so many terrific places to drink and eat in Las Vegas, bars and restaurants often prove to be the ideal escape from the rain. You can find comfort food at places such as 8 East and Saginaw’s Deli or enjoy a great sit-down meal at Andiamo Steakhouse.

• Gambling – when it’s cloudy and rainy outdoors, you can always bet that everything is bright and exciting indoors at any casino in the downtown area. You’ll be dodging the rain and having a blast with slot machines, gaming tables, and more. While sports fans may prefer the Circa Sports sportsbook, others will be just as content sitting at the bar and playing video poker.

• Museums – you might be surprised to discover that Las Vegas has some of the most outstanding yet unique museums in the US. When it’s raining in the city, it might be the perfect time to check out the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, the Mob Museum, the Pinball Hall of Fame, or Zac Bagan’s Haunted Museum.

• Shopping venues – Las Vegas is home to numerous indoor shopping centers, some of which makes you feel like you’re outdoors – only not in the rain. Be sure you check out the Forum Shops inside Caesar’s Palace or the Grand Canal Shoppes inside the Venetian. You’ll find the best deals at the outlet malls or if you want to splurge a bit, shop the designer brands. Not only would you geta good deal but you can keep that as a memento of your memorable trip.

• The Shows – although you really don’t need an excuse to catch any entertainment in Las Vegas, when it rains, it’s a great reason to buy tickets to your favorite shows. Since long days of rainfall are a rarity here, there’s a good chance that the show you attend is going to outlast the weather. Fill your time with acrobatics, magic shows, music, or any other type of entertainment you choose.

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