9 Best People-Watching Spots In Las Vegas

If there’s one thing you can say about Las Vegas, it’s the fact that it attracts millions of people each year (over 32 million in 2021), all of whom are coming to have an enjoyable time. Consequently, this provides you with a great people-watching opportunity. From the many bars and pools to the malls and The Strip, here is a list of the 9 best spots to people watch and even meet some interesting individuals when visiting Las Vegas:

• Bars – from rooftop lounges to speakeasies and saloons to sports bars, nothing beats the Las Vegas bar scene when it comes to people watching. With so many to visit, you’ll enjoy a different atmosphere or environment every time.

• Casinos – the heart of Las Vegas is its numerous casinos. Here you’ll find everything from newbies to high rollers when enjoying your Las Vegas people watching endeavor.

• Entertainment venues – catching a show in Las Vegas is always a great idea, but you’ll enjoy the people watching even more prior to and afterwards. There’s always a ton of energy at these different shows. Whether you want to dame away the night or enjoy live concerts, you will be spoiled for choice.

• Fremont Street Experience – from individuals who enjoy partying out in the open to the many street performers, you can’t beat the FREE entertainment that surrounds you on Fremont Street.

• High Roller and Linq Promenade – this spot is similar to Fremont Street and a perfect place for people watching. Being a pedestrian area, it’s a great place to see interesting individuals walking through and enjoying the space.

• Hotels and resorts – no matter where you stay when visiting Las Vegas, chances are you’ll be in one of the best people watching spots in the city. Additionally,

• Las Vegas pools – these places are ideal locations for people watching, not just because of the individuals you’ll see there, but because you’ll be able to enjoy a cool, refreshing dip in the pool.

• Luxury shopping malls – with so many of these venues in Las Vegas, it’s hard to miss out on an opportunity to catch these shoppers in action. You’ll see some of the more glamorous individuals at the Bellagio and Caesar’s.

• The Strip – all you have to do is walk several blocks down The Strip and you can enjoy some of the most intense people watching in the city. Pedestrian bridges provide access to numerous bars, clubs, entertainment, hotels, and restaurants.

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