Comparing Design Differences Between Boutique And Chain Hotels

Keeping up with the most recent industry trends, such as guest-centric designs, is vital to the success of boutique hotels. However, it’s just as important for them to keep pace with manufacturing trends if they want to bring their hotel’s design to life. As a result, there are certain design features that separate boutique hotels from the larger chain hotels in Las Vegas. For example, the design goals of boutique hotel builders and owners are very different as are the procedures involved in reaching those goals.

Differences in Design Goals and Procedures

Branded properties or chain hotels usually follow a standard set of design or remodeling requirements where the colors, materials, and overall appearance of the property are concerned. Chain hotel renovation projects often follow a pre-approved PIP or Property Improvement Plan. With the larger chain hotels such as Hilton, Marriott, and Wyndham, the design goal is consistency of the brand’s image. That way, hotel guests know what to expect no matter where in the US or world they are visiting.

On the other hand, boutique hotels take a totally eccentric approach so they have a project design that is customized and more flexible. The focus on a boutique hotel’s design is usually tailored to the audience or market they are targeting. For example, there may be additional local design infusion that helps to promote the property. It stands to reason then that a customized design may require finding materials that are more difficult to find. Furthermore, specialized labor may be required as well. That adds to the charm of staying in the boutique hotel.

Guests get more Bang for their Bucks

The bottom line is that boutique hotels offer many of the same if not more of the amenities that you’ll find in the larger chain hotels. The most significant difference is that the goal of the boutique hotel is to provide guests with similar luxuries offered by the chain hotels but in an environment that is considerably more intimate. Financially speaking, boutique hotels are more economical and cost approximately 10% to 20% less than the larger chain hotels. Thus, guests get more bang for their bucks.

What really matters?

Whether it’s a boutique hotel or one of the larger brand properties, there are 4 elements that matter where guests are concerned:

• a comfortable bed
• a comfortable seat
• a luggage benches
• ample lighting

To learn more about the design differences between boutique hotels and the larger chain hotels, call the Oasis at Gold Spike at (702) 768-9823. With the old world charm yet modern amenities and renovated rooms catering to your comfort, you can create new memories while soaking in the vintage ambience.

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