Downtown Las Vegas’ Newest Developments

If it’s been a while since you visited Downtown Las Vegas, it might be well worth hitting the road and taking another look. Over the past decade, we’ve seen considerable expansion and improvements throughout the area. Backed by businesses, innovators, and local entrepreneurs, the Downtown area is now a buzzing mini-metropolis of some very significant developments that are drawing larger crowds than it did 10 years ago. Some of the revamps you should consider taking in include:

• Circa Resort & Casino – without a doubt the most massive and significant change to the Downtown area is the Circa Resort & Casino. This amazing casino-resort was built on the site of the former Las Vegas Club by Derek Stevens, owner of The D and the Golden Gate. With its 777 rooms, it is the first new casino-resort to be constructed in the Downtown area in the past 40 years.

• Lucky Day, Fremont East – this is one of Downtowns newest spots and the place for all mescal and tequila aficionados. You’ll find an abundance of popular and unique mescal or tequila drinking options in this 3,000 square foot bar. In addition to the tasty beverages, the DJ booth plays lively Latin music for those who want to take advantage of the dance floor.

• Project Enchilada Upgrades – this is so much more than a funny, quirky name. It’s the passionate initiative brought to life by Brad Jerbic, former Las Vegas City Attorney and a handful of private stakeholders. The initiative saved and refurbished some of the Downtown area’s most iconic buildings and neighborhoods. Be sure you don’t miss this area situated along Fremont Street between 14th Street and Las Vegas Boulevard.

• The Expo at World Market Center – in addition to the gambling and nightlife, Las Vegas is also the home to some of the largest conventions and tradeshows in the US. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that Downtown Las Vegas is cashing in on some of that action as well. The Expo at World Market Center features over 300,000 square feet of convention and exhibit space. With plenty of events happening now, the place is buzzing with people and shows.

• Whiskey Licker Up at Binion’s – if you’ve been searching for a uniquely fun nightlife experience, this is the perfect place to put on your Downtown agenda. As one of the best people-watching spots in Las Vegas, you’ll have a front row seat for witnessing all the action at the Whiskey Licker Up’s rotating bar.

To see Downtown’s newest developments, book a room at the Oasis at Gold Spike by calling (702) 768-9823 today. We’d book you a luxurious room with all modern amenities, while you bask in personalized attention of our staff. That is what a stay in Las Vegas is all about. Call us now.

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