Enjoying The Fremont Street Experience In Downtown Las Vegas

Other than “The Strip”, Fremont Street is far and away, Las Vegas’ most famous and significantly historical street. Named after John Charles Fremont, the famous explorer, the street and the city were founded in 1905. Twenty years later, Fremont Street became the city’s first paved street and was the site of the original gambling scene long before the activity was legalized. The first of 6 gambling halls to receive a Nevada state gambling license and consequently become Fremont Street’s first legal casino was the Northern Club (1931).

The Fremont Street Experience Today

Up until 1996 when it was converted into a pedestrian mall, Fremont Street was traveled by hundreds if not thousands of vehicles throughout the day and night. At that point, the Fremont Street Experience was established. In 2004, the barrel vault canopy that characterizes the area was constructed and currently spans 4 city blocks. It features roughly 12,000,000 LED lights as well as themed light and sound shows that play every hour beginning at dusk.

Lots to See and Do

The Fremont Street Experience encompasses 6 city blocks running east to 8th Street from Las Vegas Blvd. and south to Carson form Ogden Street. There are a number of things to enjoy including:

• Golden Nugget’s 200,000-gallon shark aquarium – this gigantic aquarium offers visitors the opportunity to watch different sizes and species of sharks from behind its glass or on a guided tour. You’ll be able to get up close and personal with these creatures and watch them as they feed.

• Million Dollar Photo- You can take a free photo with million dollars. Yes, against a stack on million dollars at the iconic casino, Binion’s between 10 am to 11 pm, everyday. It is one of the free things to enjoy in Downtown Las Vegas.

• Neon Museum – if it’s history and retro that you crave, you’ll find it here. Many iconic, vintage neon signs of long-gone casinos are on display and can be toured through the Neon Boneyard, the outdoor exhibit space of this retired signage. Self-guided tours are also available, though on a limited basis.

• Slotzilla – a lower and upper zip line that launch you from a 12-story slot machine (the world’s largest) and propels you through the Viva Vision vaulted canopy mentioned above. Slotzilla is a great way to take in an overview of the experience.

• Viva Vision – as part of the barrel vault canopy, Viva Vision is the largest video screen in the world. It covers the walking promenade while broadcasting vibrant light shows throughout the day and night.

If you’ve visiting Las Vegas soon and want to take in the Fremont Street Experience, call the Oasis at Gold Spike at (702) 768-9823 to book your hotel room today.

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