Go On An Alien Attraction Adventure From Downtown Las Vegas

Aside from the customary entertainment, gambling, and partying in Las Vegas, Nevada has another feature that entices visitors to the Silver State, especially those individuals interested extraterrestrial visitors. It is perfect for the UFO fans and those looking for a different adventure. So, if you want to venture out from Las Vegas on a fun yet quirky and unique adventure, Nevada is known for the UFO attractions we’ve listed below. So come with us as we visit these renowned alien attractions.

• Alien Research Center – don’t let the name deceive you; it’s really an alien-themed gift shop located in Crystal Springs and not a place where scientific research is conducted. As you drive down State Route 375 or the Extraterrestrial Highway as it’s commonly referred to (see below), look for the unique bunker-like building and the oversized alien greeter standing out front.

• Area 51 – as one of the world’s most concealed, guarded, and secretive places, Area 51 is believed to be the Federal Government’s covert operations about alien lifeforms and extraterrestrial visitors. Many individuals thought that the government had hidden a spaceship here in 1955 and was the reason this area was so heavily guarded. Keep in mind that this is still an active military base and the public isn’t welcome. Be advised that you’re not allowed to enter the property or get close enough to take pictures.

• Extraterrestrial Highway – Nevada State Route 375 has long been referred to as the Extraterrestrial Highway and for good reason. This drive through the desert is known for its unusually high number of UFO sightings and alien activity. It’s also known for its access to several remote ghost towns and unusual roadside attractions as it meanders from Crystal Springs to Tonopah.

• Little A’Le’Inn – located in the tiny town of Rachel, NV (pop. 48) is the Little A’Le’Inn, a charming bar and motel commemorated to extraterrestrials and everything unworldly. The bar and diner are worth visiting for the alien paraphernalia and pictures alone, but they also serve generously poured beverages while their long-time bartenders and servers tell stories about aliens and UFO’s.

• Star-gazing in Tonopah – although it’s a 3-hour drive from Downtown Las Vegas, the former silver mining town of Tonopah is not only well-known for its unparalleled star gazing experiences, but a place filled with other interesting attractions. Because of the town’s extremely dark skies, you can see constellations, planets, and thousands of stars without the help of a telescope.

After a long day of exploring Nevada’s many alien attractions, get a good night’s rest at the Oasis at Gold Spike. Call (702) 768-9823 today to make your reservations.

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