Looking For Something Out of The Ordinary To Do When Visiting Las Vegas? Spend A Day At Battlefield Vegas

Granted, there’s no end to the dining, entertainment, gambling, and partying when it comes to Las Vegas. But if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience like spending a day at an immersive shooting range maybe? Battlefield Vegas is just the place. And it’s only a block of The Strip. There’s literally something for everyone at this sprawling military-style complex. Here are 4 reasons to spend the day here the next time you visit Las Vegas:

• Drive a tank . . . right over a car – if you’ve ever felt like destroying something, why not try driving a Chieftain Mk8 tank over a car and demolish it? This tank was a favorite of the UK Army but has been transformed into a replica of the M1A1 that’s been used in several Hollywood endeavors. Won’t it be fun to drive a tank? And of course, kids will love it.

• How about a little celebration? Whether its bachelor parties, corporate events, gender reveals, or weddings, Battlefield Vegas does it all with some exemplary service and explosive entertainment. Banquet seating, drinks, and food are available for many events. Plus, the DJ’s are available to provide the entertainment.

• Unbeatable selection of firearms – when it comes to the number of firearms that you can try out, Battlefield Vegas outranks the competition hands down. From modern day sniper rifles to World War II rifles, they have a huge selection of weapons to choose from and can easily customize a great shooting experience. In addition to grenade launchers, machine guns, pistols, shotguns, and sub-machine guns, they have the only mini-gun that the public is allowed to shoot.

• Unmatched outdoor experiences – if you’ve been looking for a next-level gun range experience, choose any one of their outdoor adventure packages. You can learn the basics with their Basic Training Outdoor Package but, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, nothing is better than the Air and Ground Assault Outdoor Adventure. You’ll take to the sky and fire off 200 rounds from an M249 automatic squad weapon in this simulated helicopter assault.

The entire staff at Battlefield Vegas is dedicated to making your visit as authentic and memorable as possible. That’s why they offer pick-up and drop-off for all visitors in a genuine military Humvee (HMMMV). For more information, visit the Battlefield Vegas page at the Things to do in Las Vegas website. And for a great night’s rest after your Battlefield Vegas experience, book a room at the Oasis at Gold Spike by calling us today at (702) 768-9823. Our boutique hotels is equipped with all modern amenities yet still retains that vintage touch.

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