The 4 Best Historic Spots To Visit In Las Vegas

While the old Las Vegas casinos have been replaced by the shiny, new mega resort hotels and casinos, the city still has quite a bit to offer where historical landmarks are concerned. Las Vegas has been able to retain the old world charm and that draws a lot of history buffs and art aficionados. Thus, if you’re planning on venturing through some of the city’s history, here are 4 of the best historic spots you don’t want to miss:

• Floyd Lamb State Park – this oasis filled with cottonwood trees, ponds, and tall grass has been around since prehistoric times. As the home to Tule Springs Ranch, the area was frequented by numerous Pleistocene Age mammals as evidenced by fossils of extinct bison, camels, giant sloths, horses, mammoths, and more. Later on, the springs served as the primary watering hole for prospectors. During the 1920’s it was a retreat for divorcees and had more guests than you can imagine.

• Little Church of the West – here come the brides, dressed in . . . whatever they feel like dressing in. It’s Las Vegas, people and the rules don’t apply here. Constructed in 1942, this has become a celebrity landmark in Sin City. Numerous celebrities said their wedding vows here including Cindy Crawford, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Richard Gere, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and many others.

• Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort Historic Park – at one time, Las Vegas was nothing more than a mail service stop on the trail that ran between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. For many years, weary travelers were refreshed by the natural springs en route. But in 1855, the Mormon Church settled here and built a permanent adobe structure to protect them from predatory Native American tribes. Today, it is located only steps away from the Cashman Center and the Las Vegas cultural corridor as well as a short walk away from the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

• Springs Preserve – one could say that the original Las Vegas party scene started here a few centuries ago. While it might not appear as such, the Springs Preserve was the actual birthplace of Las Vegas. The landmark area spans over 180 acres and provides visitors with an education of the past, present, and future of the city. There are plenty of art exhibits, entertainment, and hiking trails to enjoy as well as being the home of the Nevada State Museum.

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