The 5 Trendiest Bars In Downtown Las Vegas

The bustling Downtown Las Vegas area is considered the historic heart of the city and for good reason. It is the home to such venerable casinos as the Downtown Grand, the Four Queens, and the Golden Nugget. But, without a doubt, Downtown Las Vegas has earned a reputation of being the top bar-hopping venue in the entire city. Read on as we take you on a textual tour of the 5 trendiest bars in Downtown Las Vegas.

D Bar

If you’re looking for an entertainingly lively hang-out where you can sip on a tasty drink, check out the D Bar. Located inside the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, the D Bar has long been known for its frozen drinks and specialty cocktails. However, you’ll be sure to enjoy those drinks that are being served throughout the day and night by the bars sexy dancers/waitresses.

Downtown Cocktail Room

Is “swanky” what you desire. Then spend a night with the locals at the Downtown Cocktail Room located just off Fremont Street. As one of Las Vegas’s best kept secrets, this exclusive speakeasy features a creative menu filled with original cocktails that will keep the evening interesting. It’s time to get dressed up and venture off the beaten path for a mysterious night out.

The Griffin

If the hustle and noise of The Strip has you craving an evening that’s more low key, The Griffin is the place to go for outstanding deals on drinks and a mellower evening. The brick ceiling, dim, lighting, and fire pits make this place a favorite of Vegas locals. Throw in the jukebox and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an old-school get together.


As one of the newest bars in Las Vegas and as its name implies, the Longbar is Nevada’s longest bar. The bar features tons of seating and state-of-the-art TV’s which makes it the ideal place to catch up with friends while enjoying a drink and watching sports. There are game machines with every seat so you can place a few bets, too.

Oak & Ivy

You’re sure to be impressed by this American craft whiskey bar and lounge when staying in downtown Las Vegas. Oak & Ivy features unique, handcrafted drinks blended from fresh, seasonal ingredients. Furthermore, they even use garnishes and mixers that are homemade. With their selection of barrel-aged cocktails, you’re sure to place this bar on your “must visit” list.

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