The Impact of The Boring Company’s Loop On Downtown Las Vegas

With the construction of the “Vegas Loop”, the Boring Company will be connecting areas of Las Vegas that are typically congested with people and vehicles. While the anticipated completion date is sometime during 2023, the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop has been completed and is ready for use. Commonly referred to as “The Loop”, this new tunnel system will loop and unite all Las Vegas areas including the downtown area.

A brief Look at the Loop’s Tunnel System

The system is comprised of two-mile-long tunnels beneath the LVCC and will operate by transporting guests in driverless Tesla’s to the opposite side of the Convention Center’s property. With speeds upwards of 155 mph, it will take less than 2 minutes to get to the other side of the property. The local government approved Elon Musk’s for the tunnel system in 2019. The completed system will include stops in Downtown Las Vegas, Harry Reid International Airport, and The Strip. That will make the commute in the city faster and easier.

How will the Vegas Loop impact Downtown Las Vegas?

The initial blueprints of the Loop showed stations extending out to the Fremont Street Experience and connecting with The Strip’s casinos and resort hotels as well as the airport. This will be a first for Las Vegas visitors who want to travel around the city and not have to worry about driving. So what will a station in the downtown area mean for businesses? Most likely it will result in a dramatic increase in visitors.

As a result, those individuals who haven’t gone into Downtown Las Vegas from casinos and hotels on The Strip now have access to that area. There will also be an increase in the number of individuals who travel from Harry Reid International Airport directly to the downtown area. Consequently, visitors should expect more deals on hotel rooms, many entertainment venues, and tourist attractions in Downtown Las Vegas.

Completion of the Vegas Loop

The completion date for the entire Vegas Loop is still somewhat of an unknown despite the anticipation of it being fully operational sometime this year (2023). The Boring Co. is still in the process of acquiring the necessary permits for digging tunnels and putting their driverless vehicles into operation for this total people-mover experience. Needless to say, locals are avidly anticipating the launch of the first phase underneath the LVCC.

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