The Las Vegas Strip’s 5 most Haunted Hotels

Are you looking for off-beat adventures in Las Vegas? Looking for something different than the usual glitz and glamor? Despite all the gambling, glamour, and glitz that Las Vegas has to offer, there is a darker sinister side that few individuals are aware of. In the city that never sleeps, this sinister side appears in the shadows and hides in the darker corners of casinos and hotels. The Strip is populated by many ghosts from past decades and eras, proving that nightmares really can become reality. Come with us as we recant the tales of ghosts that once called Las Vegas their home.

• Bally’s Las Vegas – formerly known as The Bonanza and the Three Coins Motel, the original location was the home of the MGM Grand Hotel. In 1980 (7 years after it was opened), the worst high-rise fire in Nevada and US history claimed the lives of 87 individuals. Although the MGM moved south on The Strip when Bally’s took over in 1985, many guests have claimed seeing the ghosts of the fire victims walking the hotel’s hallways.

• The Flamingo – as New York mobster Bugsy Siegel’s dream, the Flamingo opened in 1946 and was the first luxury hotel on The Strip. However, 6 months after the hotel opened its doors, Siegel was shot to death. Yet while his body was removed from the hotel, some say Siegel’s spirit never has and have claimed that they’ve seen his ghost leaving the Presidential Suite.

• The Luxor – ever since its ground-breaking in April of 1992, spooky, strange things were occurring here. Three construction workers died when the hotel was being built and two jumped to their deaths from the hotel’s interior balconies. Furthermore, the Nile River Ride closed down after only 3 years because numerous passengers claimed to have seen their ghosts while on the ride.

• The Venetian – the ghost of Tupac Shakur supposedly haunts the hotel and nearby streets of the Venetian. While riding in a car with Suge Knight, gunfire rang out from a passing car and hit the gangster rapper 4 times. He died in the hospital 6 days after the incident. Many of his fans have claimed seeing a bandana-clad shadowy figure cross an empty street within yards of the hotel.

• Westgate Hotel – located just off the strip, past guests of this hotel have reported seeing Elvis Presley’s ghost roaming the hallways and rooms of this establishment. It makes you wonder if “The King” really did check out as claimed.

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