What Is The Meaning of A Boutique Hotel?

If you think the definition of a “boutique hotel” refers to some type of hip European hotel, you’d be sadly mistaken. It’s more like a movement or phenomenon in the hospitality industry rather than an actual hotel category. The 1980’s witnessed the birth of these establishments in larger cities such as London, New York, and San Francisco. The entrepreneurs who started these successful ventures weren’t affiliated with any major hotel chain and offered a more intimate experience for their affluent guests.

What classifies a Hotel as “Boutique?”

In order for a hotel to be categorized or classified as “boutique”, there are specific rules and guidelines that must be followed, including the following:

• are independent establishments or part of a “boutique-only” hotel chain
• are typically located in a centralized or trendy area of a city
• feature designer décor and the latest technology
• smaller and have less than 100 rooms so as to offer its guests a more personalized feel or experience

Boutique hotels are not just about rooms and amenities. Their lobbies are designed to be cool and trendy so guests will gather there or in the attached bar and restaurant.

Boutique hotels are all about Location and Size

As mentioned above, boutique hotels are typically smaller in size and offer less than 100 rooms. This helps them create a more intimate atmosphere. When staying in a boutique hotel, you should feel like you’re staying in a home away from home instead of a large chain-operated hotel. You’ll usually find boutique hotels in the more fashionable urban areas of a city and close to many local attractions despite being situated off the main drag frequented by tourists.

Guests at a boutique hotel receive personalized service.The members of the hotel’s staff cater to the guests’ needs. Even special needs do not get overlooked, including those that might stem from the increased need to online services.

The Concept of keeping things Localized

Many boutique hotels are concerned about keeping things on a local basis. This often means preserving the original features of the establishment or choosing a theme that is steeped in the local history of the area. Many of these hotels are also concerned about sustainability and helping the economy of the local area. With some boutique hotels, you’ll find that the rooms have been decorated with the works of local artists such as on prints or soft furnishings.

You might be asking if it’s worth it to stay in a boutique hotel. When you consider that going on vacation is all about pampering yourself and searching for new, unique experiences, the answer is a definite YES! Boutique hotels offer the opportunity to accomplish both goals. If you are looking for a boutique hotel in Las Vegas, call the Oasis at Gold Spike today at (702) 768-9823 today.

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