6 Characteristics of A Boutique Hotel

While there are no hard and fast rules that boutique hotels must be fashionable and stylish, these are often two of their more common characteristics. The attention to detail and the way in which a lot of weight is placed on the importance of their design comes from the desire to be individually unique. Besides that, boutique hotels such as the Oasis at Gold Spike have a chic, contemporary vibe and are usually recognized for the 6 following characteristics:

• Extensive range of things to do – many boutique hotels are considered an extension of celebrating the city they are located in with regards to art, culture, and food. More often than not, you’ll find that boutique hotels incorporate details of their cities by virtue of what they offer their guests.

• Located in cultural, fashionable, or historic areas – as was mentioned in the introductory paragraph, there are no strict rules regarding the design and creation of a boutique hotel. However, they are customarily found in cultural, fashionable, or historic areas. While some may be situated on a busy street, others may be located off the beaten path or even residential areas.

• Lots of attention to design – designers of boutique hotels learned long ago that the easiest way to create uncommonly unique characteristics is with the architectural and structural design of the building. In most instances, boutique hotels create that unique character by utilizing artistic furnishings, interesting architectural styles, and unique décor and room floor plans.

• More personalized services – probably the most significant difference, other than size, between boutique hotels and the large chain hotels is that they offer their guests more personalized service. In fact, many offer amenities that you won’t find in the mega resort hotels on The Strip.

• Smaller overall size – in most cases, boutique hotels will have as few as 10 to 15 rooms and a maximum of 100, although some have as many as 150. Some may also have suites on the property. When compared to other hotels, they tend to be more intimate and offer more personalized services.

• Unique, individualized character – a common goal of boutique hotels is to create a more unique and individualized character. They avoid the “cookie cutter” design that is typical of the larger chain hotels and tend to operate independently. This enables them to create a distinct characteristic within the hospitality industry.

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