Benefits of Staying At A Vintage Las Vegas Hotels

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas for work or leisure, you’ve probably discovered the overwhelming number of accommodation options available on or off The Strip. But have you considered staying at a Vintage Las Vegas Hotels such as the Oasis At Gold Spike? With fewer rooms than the resort hotels on The Strip, we are characterized by an attention to detail, designer furnishings, and a magnificent ambience that you will long remember for years to come.

Although the service is more personalized at a Vintage Las Vegas Hotels but it is more affordable. Thus, you get to enjoy a trip to Las Vegas with memories that last a lifetime.

The Benefits of staying with Us

Believe it or not, some guests look for a home-away-from-home guest experience when visiting Las Vegas. It’s not always about experiencing the glamor and glitz of the resort hotels on The Strip. Here are 5 benefits about our Vintage Las Vegas Hotels that you should keep in mind when choosing your accommodations:

• Our diverse range of services – as opposed to being a part of a huge, corporate chain of hotels, being independently owned and operated enables us to be more innovative in our design, furnishings, and services we provide. We also have a loyalty program that rewards you for staying with us.

• Our personal touch – because of the more personalized services that we provide, you’ll enjoy a truly outstanding experience when staying at the Oasis At Gold Spike. The fact that we have fewer guests to take care of enables us to provide that personal touch that every guest deserves.

• Our smaller size – unlike the mega resort hotels found on The Strip, we’re smaller in size but still offer a themed environment. With less than 100 rooms, it’s easier to maintain our accommodations and keep them in perfect shape for our guests. As our guest, you’ll enjoy our mint condition hotel rooms.

• Our unique personality – unlike the overly commercialized resort hotels that have little if any personality, they rarely provide the charming accommodations that we offer our guests. Furthermore, they’re more concerned about their bottom lines than their guests and keeping pace with their competitors. Our unique history and retro-themed entertainment zone is a crowd-puller.

• Your best value for the money – although our rates may seem a bit pricey, at the end of the day, we provide the best value for the money. Our personalized services and unique operation will make your guest experience worth every dollar spent. Here at the Oasis At Gold Spike, you’ll quickly discover that staying with us provides all the benefits of the larger resort hotels and more.

To learn more about our facilities, call us today at 702.768.9823 or browse more at our website if you prefer to send us a message instead.

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