4 Must-See Ghost Towns Within A Short Drive From Las Vegas

If you’re someone who is intrigued by ghost towns and loves to explore them, it might surprise you to know that the Silver State has more of these once flourishing towns than Nevada’s actual populated cities. Lucky for you, some of the better ones are right in Las Vegas’s backyard. Thus, if you’re looking for a frighteningly interesting day trip when visiting Las Vegas, pack up your vehicle and explore these 4 must-see ghost towns.


Only 40 minutes southwest of Las Vegas is the town of Goodsprings, another one of the state’s boomtowns. History is at the core of your visit to this ghost town when taking a self-guided walking tour that will put you up close and personal with one of the best Sagebrush Saloons in Nevada. Your tour will also include a 100-year-old schoolhouse (still in use today) and some miner’s cabins. There are professional tour services available to take you around.


Nestled in Eldorado Canyon just 45 minutes from Las Vegas is Nelson, home to the Techatticup Mine. This is not only southern Nevada’s oldest and most famous mines; at one time it was the richest. In addition to taking a tour of the mine, you can go canoeing or kayaking in the nearby Colorado River. The surrounding Wild West landscape has been showcased in magazines, movies, and numerous TV shows.


Located less than two hours from downtown Las Vegas is the town of Rhyolite, one of Nevada’s most photographed ghost towns. The remnants of the once profitable town center (the Bullfrog Mining District) are still standing. There you’ll find the old Tom Kelly Bottle House constructed from roughly 50,000 glass bottles (the largest and oldest glass bottle house in the US). But your trip to Rhyolite won’t be complete unless visit the town of Beatty and stop by the Happy Burro Chili and Beer for a bowl of their legendary dish.

St. Thomas

If you thought we were saving the best for last, you’d be correct. As one of Nevada’s most unique ghost towns, St. Thomas would’ve been about 60 feet underwater were it not for recent drought conditions. When the construction of Hoover Dam filled Lake Mead, the town of St. Thomas was overtaken as the lake was being filled. In fact, one of the last residents of the town had to paddle away (literally) from their home.

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